December 2017 was a month of euphoria. The cryptocurrency market was constantly in the green and no matter what your portfolio consisted, the rising tide lifts all boats. Bitcoin hit its all-time high of USD 20,089 on 17th December 2018.

As we entered into 2018, the bear began to take…

Recently, we sat down at a certain Starbucks to meet and talk about what’s brewing in one of our very own homegrown companies, Coinhako. Amidst the dip in the price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, companies like Coinhako continue to tirelessly innovate like it’s business as usual. …

Image credit: Twitter cover image for Loopring

Blockchain as a technology is ushering in a whole new wave of possibilities — distributed trustless ledgers, smart contracts that seek to automate antiquated processes, digital assets and identities and more.

Bitcoin was the one that started it all, but will it be the one ring to rule them all…

Jonathan Jono Liang

Blockchain Tech Enthusiast & Tech Talent Hunter

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